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Passive Devices-All-Fiber Polarization Maintaining Coupler. ( PM Coupler )

     Optical Fiber Couplers are reliable passive devices for splitting optical signal in a number of optical network applications. FiberLogix manufactures All-Fiber couplers from proven fused technology with variety of optical performance at different wavelengths to fulfill system designer's requirements. These compact devices provide low insertion loss, extremely low back reflection, good extinction ratio and stability over a variety of environmental conditions. In house process expertize allows extremely tight control on the optical performance, quality and reliability. These devices are designed to meet Telcordia standards GR 1209 and GR 1221.


  • Optical transmission systems
  • Optical fiber sensors
  • EDFA and Raman amplifier


  • Low Loss
  • High Power handling
  • Low cost
  • Good Extinction Ratio


1: All specifications for operation with Slow axis.
2: Center wavelength can be optimized for different applications.
3: Smaller package dimension can also be custom made.
4: Others fibers like E-core, Tiger or Bow tie are also available on request.
5: PM couplers can be integrated with In Line fiber Polarizers or other PM devices on request.
6: Smaller packaging dimensions can also available on request
7: Only available in 1310 and 1550nm wavelength range.
8: Tap fiber is also available in SM or Flexcore 1060 fiber configuration.
9: Specifications can be tailored to meet customer’s requirements.
10: Devices are Telcordia qualified.
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