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Single Mode Miniaturized Fiber Optic Coupler: World Smallest Coupler

    Single Mode Miniaturized Fiber Optic Couplers perform the same basic function as single mode 2 x 2 fiber optic couplers i.e. splitting and tapping optical signal in number of applications. The additional feature is the miniaturized housing which makes them useful for any compact application. FiberLogix manufactures All-Fiber miniaturized couplers from proven fused technology with variety of optical performance at different wavelengths to fulfill system designer's requirements. These compact devices provide low insertion loss, extremely low back reflection, low polarization dependence and stability over variety of environmental conditions. In house process expertise allow to have extremely tight control on the optical performance, quality and reliability. These devices are designed to meet Telcordia standardsGR1209 andGR1221.


1: Devices are based on All-fiber fused construction.
2: Smaller package dimension can also be custom made
3: Others output fibers configuration is also available on request.
4: Devices can be integrated with devices on request.
5: Specifications can be tailored to meet customer’s requirements.
6: Devices are designed to meet the Telcordia qualification.
7: All specifications are worst case for the wavelength range selected; actual products commonly exhibit better specification.
8: Other wavelength can be accommodated, please consult our sales team.
9: OEM version are also available on request.

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